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Sunday, September 8, 2013

The treatment properties of Pine Pollen on Circulatory System - Preventing Anemia

The treatment properties of Pine Pollen on Circulatory System

5.2 Preventing Anemia
Anemia is a worldwide malnutrition disease. The reason why Pine Pollen is able to improve the function of hematopiesis lies in the fact that it contains nutrients like ferro, zinc and magnesium, as well as vitamin C and B6, which possess anti-anemia functions. Pine Pollen can also stimulate hematopiesis by marrow so as to improve poor hematopiesis function of the body. Meanwhile, Pine Pollen provides enzyme, coenzyme and nucleic acid with marrow cells, facilitates synthesis of hematopiesis substances in the body and accelerates the recovery of hematopiesis function. It is of significance to poor hematopiesis function caused by a tumor or other reasons. Folic acid contained in Pine Pollen can effectively prevent anemia of pregnant women and girls. People suffering anemia generally feel tied and weak. after eating Pine Pollen, the symptoms will be alleviated and disappear. Therefore Pine Pollen is a nature blood tonic.

Coming next is the summary of the treatment properties of Pine Pollen on the body's five Systems

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occurs when red blood cells are being destroyed prematurely. (The normal lifespan of RBCs is 120 days; in hemolytic anemia, it's much shorter.) And the bone marrow (the soft, spongy tissue inside bones that makes new blood cells) simply can't keep up with the body's demand for new cells