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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Phyto-androgens: Natural Hormone Replacement for Men

The following information is an abstract from Stephen Harrod Buhner

Following herbs are some of the most powerful phyto-androgens known so far. The plant that contains the most testosterone (and other androgens) is, at this point, pine pollen. Over the past ten years I have experienced a great deal of benefit from it as have a great many men from whom I have heard. (Sources for all herbs, except David’s lily, are listed in the resource section at the end of the book.)

Natural Testosterone Enhancement Protocol:
Pine pollen tincture: 3/8 tsp, 3x daily
Nettle root: 1200 mg daily
Tribulus: 500 mg, 3x daily
Panax ginseng: 1/4 tsp daily
Tienchi ginseng: 1/3 tsp, 3x daily
Eleuthero: 1 tsp, 2x dailyPine (Pinus spp.) and Pine Pollen
Family: Pinaceae

Common Names: Different species of pine trees have different common names: Scots or Scotch pine (Pinus sylvestris), black pine (Pinus nigra), Korean pine (Pinus koraiensis), masson pine (Pinus massonia), and Chinese pine, also known as Chinese oil pine and Chinese red pine (Pinus tabulaeformis). Pine pollen is also called songhuanfen (Chinese), songhwaju (Korean), and pollen pini (Latin). Note: A number of sources and Web sites translate pollen pini as “bee pollen” and sell bee pollen as pollen pini. This is incorrect. When looking for pine pollen, care must be taken that what is labeled as pollen pini really is pine pollen and not bee pollen.

Parts Used: All parts of the pine are used for medicine, including the pollen, bark, seeds, and needles. To increase testosterone in the body and balance the androgen/estrogen ratio, the pollen is the primary part used. It is very high in testosterone. To a lesser extent, the seeds may also be used for this purpose, with some caveats (see chapter 6). Although the bark is excellent for many things, it normally does not contain enough testosterone and other androgens to be of use for this purpose.

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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Pine pollen - over 200 bio-active, herbal, natural vitamins and minerals nutrient source online Health Knowledge base

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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Q&A: Health and Health Food – 18th Garlic Oil Health Food Series

1. What are the features and benefits of Garlic Essential Oil Soft Capsule?

(1) Garlic Essential Oil is extracted by the distillation of water steam. Compared with solvent method, the amount of organic sulphur extracted this way is higher. And this would not lead to the remains of solvent.

(2) World leading technology is applied to the high concentration extraction of fresh garlic, which produces the only stable substance containing garlicin. And this satisfies the American FCC standard in Food Chemistry Provision. The effective medicine content of Garlic Essential Oil is 1500 times to that in the raw garlic.

(3) Easy to take and carry.

(4) Eliminate the smell in the mouth and discomfort in the stomach after eating garlic.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Q&A: Health and Health Food – 17th OPC Grape Seed Health Food Series

1. What are the features and benefits of OPC Grape Seed Soft Capsule?

(1) Exhibits the synergistic effect of ingredients, strengthens the anti-oxidation, anti-allergy, beauty and skin care effects of grape seed;

(2) Emulsifiers such as lecithin are added to OPC material, vitamin E, perilla herb oil to make a suspension. This reduces the delaminating and increases the stability of this product.

(3) Internationally advanced encapsulating technique is applied to isolate the content from oxygen. This prevents the oxidation of nutrients such as OPC, vitamin E, perilla herb oil.

(4) Definite functions and easy to take.

2. What is the suitable amount of OPC daily intake?

Most clinical reports have shown an adult should take 100-200mg OPC. It is suggested by researchers that the largest volume is calculated with the ratio of 1mg/day/pound and the period of treatment is 1-2 weeks. Then reduce the total intake to about 50-100 mg. During diseases and allergy, one can take 150-300mg orally. This product contains 50mg pure OPC per tablet, which is equivalent to 5000mg raw grape seed. A daily intake of 2 tablets will lead to a healthcare effect.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

1. What are the features and benefits of lycopene?

(1) The material for lycopene extraction is from China Xinjiang province, where the water and soil are unpolluted and the sunshine is splendid. Being the best tomato planting farmland in Asia, this area produces tomatoes with a lycopene level significantly higher than the average in the world.

(2) Postpone aging and prolong life.

(3) Anticancer function. Prevents cancerization, assists the treatment of cancer.

(4) Improve immunity, regulating sub healthy conditions; prevent cardiovascular and verebrol vascular diseases; improve arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure and lipid, insufficient cerebral blood supply and aging of skin.

(5) Assist the treatment of prostates.

2. How much lycopene should be taken daily by an adult? How much lycopene is contained in one tablet of Lycopene Soft Capsule?

Generally, 5-12mg lycopene supplement is required for normal physiological functions of the body. Each tablet of Lycopene Soft Capsule contains more than 6mg of lycopene.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Q&A: Health and Health Food – 15th Soybean Health Food Series

1. What are the effects of taking Soya Isoflavone Soft Capsule?

Soya isoflavone is one of the nutrients extracted from soya, whose structure is similar to the human female hormone. Having either a female hormone supplementary or inhibiting effect, soya isoflavone has a dual regulation to the level of female hormone secreted by ovary. Therefore, the normal volume of female hormone secretion of middle-aged and older women is maintained and the poor skin conditions caused by aging, such as dryness, looseness, deposition of pigments and wrinkles, can be improved. Besides, the intake of this product prevents various symptoms of menopause, improves the quality of sleep and resists osteoporosis. Thus soya isoflavone is suitable for women above 30 years old, especially those in menopause.

2. Will any side effects be induced after taking Soya Isoflavone Soft Capsule for a long period?

People have been eating soya for thousands of years and hazardous effects hardly occur. Quality and natural soya isoflavone is easily absorbed by the body and the excess is excreted out of the body immediately. So no harmful substances remain in the body.

Clinical experiment shows that, soya isoflavone has a slow and long-lasting effect with no obvious side effects observed.