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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Treatment Properties of Pine Pollen on Endocrine System (continued)

Treatment Properties of Pine Pollen on Endocrine System

1.1 Treatment of Prostate Diseases (part 1)

Mens' connective tissue in the prostate starts to proliferate during their lifetime. The size of the seriously proliferated gland may be 10 to 15 times as large as that of a normal prostate. Hyperplastic prostate stimulates and presses the urethra, leading to a series of symptoms like frequent micturition, urgent micturition, difficulty in micturitiion, and causing many such syndromes as urethra infection, vesical calculus, kidney dysfunction, etc. Especially long-time uncured chronic prostatitis tends to cause malign proliferation of prostate tissue, even into deadly prostate cancer. According to statistics, one half of more-than-50-years-old male suffer from prostate hyperplasia to different degrees. Its morbidity rate increases with age. The morbidity rate of male after climacteric period reaches 75%.

There are a lot of methods and medicines for prostate diseases. However as prostate capsule has poor permeability and weak blood circulation, it leads to undesirable medicine penetration and medicine concentration is not enough to cure prostrate diseases. Based on domestic and foreign clinical experiments, taking pine pollen is able to address both existing problems and root causes, without any side effects, thus patients can take it for a long period of time. Doctor Haku, from the urological section of medical department of Nagasaki University, Japan, mentioned in a report: "It took a long time to cure chronic prostatitis in the past. The treatment was accompanied with repeated disease attack. Now with treatment of pine pollen, symptoms can be improved in a short period of time, with effective rate of more than 80%.

To be continued in part 2!

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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Treatment Properties of Pine Pollen on Endocrine System

Treatment properties of Pine Pollen on Endocrine System:

1. Endocrine System

Endocrine system is a key system for regulating physiological activities. Endocrine organs are special types of glands. With no excretory duct, they are also called ductless glands. The glands secrete hormones, which directly travel through the blood circulation all over the body. Although the amount of hormones in blood is tiny, it plays a major role in regulation. Under the control of the nervous system, endocrine maintains dynamic balance of the inner environment, adaptation to the outer environment, and body growth and reproduction. Too much or insufficient hormone secretion will cause body dysfunction. Pine Pollen plays the role of promoting the growth of endocrine glands and enhancing their secretion functions, with details as follows:

1.1 Treatment of Prostate Diseases

1.2 Promote Recovery from Diabetes

1.3 Beauty and Skin-care

To be continued!

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Treatment Properties of Pine Pollen - Introduction

" It's a great pity that people have little understanding about a new prescription for longevity. Just grasp pine pollen nicely and eat it daily, you will stay healthy."

A French pollen expert A. Kaya wrote: " Pine Pollen, as a kind of concentrated and fantastic food provided by nature for us, is a real catholicon. Even though it is unable to cure all diseases, Pine Pollen can mitigate the most disappointing and dangerous status and situation in all states of illnesses. I am not afraid of any opposition against what a I have said and never exaggerate it." A. Kaya was 80 years old when he wrote this book. He completed the book in a very short time, although he only spent a few hours a day to write the book after having two heart attacks. He also wrote " a mass of data in the book show that I put my back to it." "Pine Pollen contributes to maintain a clear and broaden mind which is incapable of doing it by coffee and tobacco. The role of Pine Pollen treatment made me think quickly with many ideas, so that my hands are unable to catch up with the speed of my thoughts."
A. Kaya gave a high appraise to Pine Pollen based on his life-long efforts and practice. That is, " no natural product, especially drugs can compare favorably with it. You can say the role of Pine Pollen is omnipotent, so it is almost a real catholicon." Innumerable persons, whose physical health is impaired by modern life, such as, but not limited to, environmental, harmful food and born to nature, have achieved striking curative effects after taking Pine Pollen.

Treatment Properties of Pine Pollen on Endocrine System will be continued next time!

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Treatment Properties of Pine Pollen

" Pine Pollen, with its sweet, mild odor and nutritious properties, can moisten lungs and smooth breathing as well as remove rheumatism and stop bleeding. It can also be used to make wine."

Treatment Properties of Pine Pollen

Series of updated information on effect on body systems will be published in sequence. Please note:

1. Endocrine System

2. Digestive System

3. Immune System

4. Respiratory System

5. Circulatory System

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

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Dated back the post on 6/28/07 with subject, Phyto-androgens: Natural Hormone Replacement for Men

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