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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Q&A: Health and Health food - 9th Pine Pollen Care series

1. What are the difference and similarity between Pine Pollen Powder and Pine Pollen (tablet) ?

(1) Different ingredients: Pine Pollen Powder contains 100% pure pollen, while the tablet contains pine pollen and a small amount of excipient.

(2) Different dosage forms: one is powder and the other is tablet.
Similarity: The main ingredient of these two products is the same, and their efficacies are almost the same.

2. How to take Pine Pollen Powder to obtain the best effect?

A. After the bottle containing Pine Pollen Powder is opened, the time of administration should not be too long to avoid oxidation. It
can be stored in a refrigerator if in a moist and hot climate in the south.

B. It can be mixed in lukewarm water, milk or porridge before taking, but the temperature of such liquids should not be too high to
degrade its active ingredients.

C. Following the dosage and administration recommended in the Directions for Use will give better effect.

3. Can Pine Pollen Powder be used externally? If yes, what are its effects?

A. As pine pollen is hygroscopic and its nourishing ingredients can arrest discharge and subdue inflammation in the affected site, it can be used as a skincare and a toilet powder for babies and used in the prevention and treatment of eczema and diaper rash in babies.

B. Clinical experiments have proved that pine pollen, through oral administration and topical application, has very good preventive and regulatory effects in patients with bedsores due to prolonged bed rest.

C. It also has good effect on skin pruritus in the elderly people.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Q&A: Health and Health food - 8th Pine Pollen & Lophatherum Essence series

1. Will dependence on Guozhen Pine Pollen and Lophatherum Essence be created?

In daily life, dependence refers to an impossible separation and abandonment of some medicine and addictions, such as alcohol, Nicotine, sleeping pills, cathartic and anodyne, which is a kind of dependence on something caused by people's bad life styles or diseases.

Pine Pollen and Lophatherum Essence can meet the daily need for nutrients, which is a necessity for daily life and like meals, water, fruits and vegetables without any "dependence".

2. Can Guozhen Pine Pollen and Lophatherum Essence help lose weight?

There is an internal cause and external cause for obesity. The internal cause is: a connection with genetic genes with a hereditary tendency confirmed by many researches. The external cause is: an accumulation of fat in the body caused by nutrient imbalance resulted from unbalanced diet, bad living styles and lack of physical exercises and the maladjustment of the digestive system and endocrine system. Obesity is followed by laziness, which consequently creates a vicious circle. It is a disease of living styles as well as a metabolic syndrome.

Guozhen Pine Pollen can provide well-balanced nutrients with low energy, high mineral, and natural edible fiber in nutrition control whereas Guozhen Lophatherum Essence can effectively diminish fat accumulation by regulating fat metabolism with flavone.
Weight losing is a complicated matter and systematic project that can only be successfully treated with scientific approaches earnestly and persistently.

There are evaluation criteria for weight-loss, and more weight loss is not necessarily associated with better effect.

3. Is there any hormone in Guozhen Pine Pollen and Lophatherum Essence?

Guozhen Pine Pollen and Lophatherum Essence are health foods without any animal hormone, insect hormone, dope and toxic side-effects.

Hormones are a kind of organic substance synthesized and secreted by certain idiosyncratic cells of animals and plants which can effectively regulate physiological activities. Animal hormones are chemical substances for signal transmission in the body whose role is to regulate the physiological functions (metabolism, growth, development and reproduction) in the body and maintain the relative stability of the body environment.

Plant hormones are natural organic compounds that can regulate plant growth and belong to the steroid or simple organic acid family. Despite the use of "hormone", they differ greatly from animal hormone in terms of the origin, biological synthesis, transmission process and effects in that it is just a growth factor for plants without any negative effect on the body.

Monday, April 2, 2007

Q&A: Health food - 7th Lophatherum Essence Care series

1. What attention should be taken when taking Guozhen Lophatherum Essence?


(1) Guozhen Lophatherum Essence, as a health food, is no medicine. Patients should take medicine consistently without interfering in his treatment plan or delaying his treatment.

(2) Healthcare amount: it is suggested to be taken twice a day with 2-3 pills each time. The recommended dose of Lophatherum Essence is 70-105 mg daily in term of flavone with 17.5 mg in each pill and the proper daily dose suggested by relevant experts in China is 100-300 milligram (including vegetable, fruit, cereal and fruit juice).

(3) The dose for patients with high lipidemia can be increased accordingly. As more dosage is not bound to better effect, it should be taken according to the patient's conditions.

Points for attention:

(1) Discomfort and acid reaction for some people after taking it at the beginning is a common phenomenon after people take flavonoid, and Lophatherum Essence can be continually taken after meal.

(2) A sense of fever is a reflection of the flavonoid's promotion on the blood circulation by removing the blood wastes after entering the blood and Lophatherum Essence can be continually taken.

(3) A better effect can be achieved by taking it twice a day, one in the morning and the other in the evening than once a day, and after meals is especially better than before meals for people with a cold stomach.

(4) The best healthcare effect can be achieved when it is taken with small amount (4-6 pills each day) constantly.

(5) No other food and medicine is forbidden, but it is suggested to be taken with an interval of over half an hour with them.

2. Does Guozhen Lophatherum Essence cause allergy?

Generally speaking, it does not. A small number of people may have bleed at the nose and stomach convulsion after taking a large dose, and they should reduce the dose or stop taking it.

3. Why would a small number of people encounter diarrhea after taking Guozhen Lophatherum Essence?

The diarrhea in a small number of people with cold stomach disorders and allergic constitution is supposedly due to their hypersensitivity to the heat-removing and detoxification components (such as phenolic compounds and minerals). These people may take Lophatherum Essence together with pine pollen or after meals.

4. Why would some people experience blood lipid increase after taking Guozhen Lophatherum Essence?

Clinical trials showed that Guozhen Lophatherum Essence can effectively regulate the blood lipid level, and lower the levels of triglyceride, low density lipoprotein (LDL) and very low density lipoprotein (VLDL) in the blood of the person who took it. It can also raise the high density lipoprotein (HDL) level, reduce the coagulation of blood platelet, and bring down excess blood pressure. Therefore, after taking Guozhen Lophatherum Essence for a certain period of time, many hyperlipidemia patients experienced positive change in their blood lipid level.

However, not every one can have the expected result, and some even experienced increase in their blood lipid level, the main reason of which is that many factors can affect the positive improvement of blood lipid level, such as the fat contained in the food, degree of physical exercises, drinking or not, taking other medication or not. Moreover, different consumers, even taking or having the same kind and same dose of blood lipid reducing drug or health food, will experience effect to different degrees. Therefore, such consumers should, within a longer period of time, adjust their food and exercise habits while taking Guozhen Lophatherum Essence, after which the satisfactory healthcare effect can be demonstrated gradually.

5. How should the "three high" group (people with a high level in lipidemia, high blood pressure and high blood sugar) take Guozhen Lophatherum Essence?

The observation of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases' treatment with Lophatherum Essence taken for 1-3 months in clinical practice has demonstrated its marvelous therapeutic effect on the decreases of the triglyceride, cholesterol and low density lipoprotein and rise of high density lipoprotein. Besides, it can also improve symptoms such as dizziness, headache, insomnia, breast anomalies,nervousness and body numbness caused by hyperlipidemia, coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, cerebral thrombus without any negative effect on liver and kidney functions, blood and urine routines.

Directions: Lophatherum Essence, as a health food, is an auxiliary treatment and can be taken following the instructions on the package without interfering in the patient's original treatment plan. It can be taken twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening with 2-3 pills each time. It should be taken persistently. To reduce medicine after the disease is relieved, follow the doctor's instructions.