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Sunday, July 14, 2013

The treatment properties of Pine Pollen on Immune System - Nourishing the Brain with Vitamins

The treatment properties of Pine Pollen on Immune System

4.2.4 Vitamins
All kinds of vitamins have an impact on intellectual power, especially vitamins B, most of which are related to the growth of nerve cells. The lack of vitamin B6 will result in the decline of nerve cells and weaken their function. The lack of vitamin B1 will lead to the dysfunction of the nerve system and non-concentration of attention. Choline can help nerve to communicate information. With the transmission substance, human beings can maintain perception and memory. Vitamin C, vitamin D and vitamin E are also related to intellectual power. Vitamin C is an important component of neurotransmission medium, having the function of promoting brain activity and greatly related to enhance IQ. As shown by tests, increasing vitamin C concentration in the blood by 50% will upgrade IQ by 3.6%. Vitamin D has the funciton of preventing brain cells from aging. Pine pollen is just a natural concentrate of multiple vitamins.

Coming next is about another nutrient ingredients in the Immune System :
4.2.5 Trace Elements

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